About Us

Larry and Virginia married and moved to Woodstock 6 years ago. Larry is originally from Alpharetta and Virginia from Peachtree City.  Wanting to make a difference here, they opened their own business.  After working since the early 80’s in the automotive repair industry in privately owned and big name automotive repair companies, Larry was tired of seeing what was happening to the local consumer when they brought their cars in for repairs and maintenance to the big name shops. It was at that point that he decided to open his own garage. He wanted to provide the local people with a clean, honest and friendly place that they could trust their vehicles to get the proper service without the hype and over inflated prices.

Open now since June 1, 2010 we have accomplished what we set out to do. We truly do have a family run business and it will stay that way. Larry and Virginia both work at Giddeons as well as his brother James, his father Marlin and other friendly faces.

We’ve all felt the sense of dread when we realize out car needs repair. Will it be
something major? How long will it take? And most of all, how much will
it cost?

No one wants to spend more than they have to, and now, you don’t have to..

Not all automotive repair is expensive, nor does it have to
be.  Giddeons Automotive understands that you may not want to or be in a position to
drop a lot of money on an unexpected repair. And in some cases, it may
not be appropriate to. Perhaps you are holding onto an older car that
doesn’t warrant a major investment. Or you don’t expect to keep the car
much longer. You may have a fairly standard repair where after- market
parts will perform just as well as higher priced parts. On the other
hand, you may want to make sure your repair features factory parts if
you’ve just purchased your car or your manufacturers warranty demands

Either way, we offer you the same professional repair by certified
technicians, with your choice of Good, Better or Best quality parts and
corresponding warrantees. We’ll work with you to determine the best
choice for your car and your situation. And you can rest
assured, Giddeons has the utmost confidence in the work we do and the
parts we use. But now, we can help you have some control over the cost
of your repair.

We want to you and your family to drive vehicles that are in good
repair at all times. Putting off repairs and regular maintenance can
lead to bigger problems down the road. Don’t invite trouble. Stop in
today to plan the best repair solution for your vehicle. You’ll stay
safe and on your way without blowing your budget.