Transmission Services

AC & heating repair, brakes, front wheel/rear wheel drive line experts,Transmissions, Exhaust, Steering/suspension, Alignments, Electrical, Oil changes, synthetic and extended life oils available!

Tires, Batteries, Emission repairs, Pre-purchase inspections, Scheduled Services, Tune-up for all, cars, 4×4, trucks, & vans. 

10 Step Engine Diagnostics

We offer diagnostic and testing services including fuel injection systems, carburetor testing, ignition system diagnostics, emissions testing, and computerized engine controls testing for accuracy.


1.Identify symptoms of engine performance problems.
2.Road test your vehicle to verify problems.
3.Visual inspection of your engine’s major components.
4.Check manufacturer recall information, and tune-up specifications.
5.Obtain any trouble codes from your vehicle’s on board computer.
6.Perform a computerized analysis of your engine’s major systems.
7.Provide a detailed report of our findings and discuss potential solutions.
8.Technicians will perform all authorized repairs.
9.Road test your vehicle again to ensure complete satisfaction.
10.All repairs are backed by our Nationwide Limited Warranty.