TuneUp & Oil Change

Oil Changes help keep your vehicle running smoothly, routine maintenance is an absolute necessity. Maintaining your vehicle will help you avoid major breakdowns (and major auto repair bills) and help your vehicle performing at its peak. We recommend periodic tune-ups & Oil Changes to help keep your car safe and dependable. Our certified technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to pin point most problems and provide a complete estimate of the work before any repairs are performed on your car, truck , suv, or van.

Tune Up – Our experienced technicians will inspect your car and, if necessary

Replace spark plugs, wires, and boots
Replace distributor cap
Replace rotor
Analyze exhaust emissions
Adjust ignition timing and idle speed control
Perform a comprehensive maintenance inspection

Vehicle Inspection – The oil in your car lubricates the engine and keeps all the parts running smoothly. Over time, the oil gets dirty, thick and sometimes even sludgy. With each oil change we perform an 18 point inspection.

Woodstock Oil Changes

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